Our Rates

Facility Hours by Appointment Only

There are no Monthly Dues or Membership fees. You can purchase single sessions or packages at a discount and use them whenever you want. We don't put expiration's on our sessions, so if you need to take a break, or go on vacation, they will always be waiting for you when you come back.

Amenities included in our pricing: Parking, Secured lockers, Reverse osmosis purified water, Towels, Full private shower with soap, shampoo & conditioner.

Private Sessions *
Single One-Hour Session


Private Session Package
10 Discounted One-Hour Sessions

$950 /
$95 per session

Single Half-Hour Session


Half-Hour Session Package
10 Discounted Half-Hour Sessions

$700 /
$70 per session
Semi-Private Sessions *
Semi-Private Single Session
You and another share a single One-Hour Private Session
Each person pays $70.00


Semi-Private Package
You and another share 10 One-Hour Discounted Sessions
Each person pays $650 / $65 per session

* Personal Training and Stretch Therapy sessions are the same rate.